COVID-19 Information

The Maine Healthy Beaches (MHB) Program is a statewide effort to monitor water quality and protect public health on Maine’s coastal beaches. Participating beaches are monitored for Enterococci bacteria which indicate fecal contamination. Towns or State Parks may issue advisories when Enterococci levels exceed the safety limit or when heavy rainfall occurs. An advisory does not mean that a beach is closed. Closures, while rare, may be issued by the town or State in the event of very high Enterococci levels or another known safety hazard. MHB does not monitor for coronavirus.

Routine MHB monitoring is typically conducted weekly from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In 2020, monitoring activities may be impacted at some or all participating beaches as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The MHB program does not track COVID-19 related beach closures; the decision to open or close a beach to the public is determined by the local municipality. Additionally, State Park beaches may be closed subject to the Governor’s executive orders. Please contact the local municipality or State Park staff to determine if a beach is open and/or being actively monitored.

Current beach advisory status and monitoring results. Beaches with a Current Status of “Open” on this page refer to those with no active Enterococci advisories.

For specific COVID-related concerns see information below:

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